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When Your Basement is Next to the President, It has to be Perfect

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

A Chicago home renovation project is difficult no matter the circumstances. There are regulations, safety precautions, unions, contractors, and more red tape than I care to describe. Plenty has been written on how difficult it was to work on this project, but that's not what I want to talk about in this post.

What I want to talk about is the pride and dedication that our terrific team put into this project, especially the basement. This was a gut rehab in the Hyde Park neighborhood that took several months to complete (much of it due to working with the secret service). Everyone knew this project would be talked about, photographed and even covered in national news. No one wanted to disappoint.

While the entire house turned out terrific, what we delivered in the basement was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Chicago Basement Remodel by Foster Design Build
When your basement is next door to the former President of the United States, it needs to look like this.

Every Detail Was Important

We have done plenty of Chicago basement remodel projects, but this one was indeed special. We paid special attention to everything from the functional design and how the space was used all the way down to the paint and carpet. Our interior designers spent weeks working on which pillows and furniture would look best in this beautiful space which is accented with warm earth tones. The main section of the basement pays homage to the Chicago Blackhawks, the owner's favorite hockey team. It features a plush couch with a chaise lounge that faces a 75" top of the line TV with a sound system to match. The chairs were special ordered to match the pillows, carpeting and paint. This area is perfect for entertaining friends and family or for kids who want to have a sleep over.

Chicago basement renovation by Foster Design Build
Custom made floor tiling with owner's initial

Relax or Work Out

If you don't feel like catching a movie in the main area, you can get a workout in this home gym that is the envy of the upscale Hyde Park neighborhood. This spacious, well lit area features cardio and weight training equipment as well as multiple TV sets so you don't miss your favorite team playing while you burn calories. With a zoned air conditioning system and heated floors, the owner is able to work out year round in total comfort.

Delivering Under Pressure and Getting Results

It isn't just that this basement and the rest of the house is absolutely remarkable. It is the fact that with all of the regulations, red tape and security weighing on everyone's efforts, we had to deliver this project on a time line. The owner, a renowned Chicago plastic surgeon, wanted to move in by Labor Day. I would have been proud of the results of this project no matter what. But it is the fact that all of this had to be done under such intense scrutiny, security and on a tight timeline that makes this some of our best work ever.

If you need to renovate your Chicago home or are looking for the best basement remodeling in the city, please contact us today. Let us help you realize your dream home in Chicago today.


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